Schedule Changes and Policies



The expectation for scheduling is that students and families have made a concerted effort to choose the appropriate classes and alternates that will prepare them for graduation, college, and/or the workforce. Once student requests are completed the master schedule is created based on student requests. Teachers are hired, books are ordered, and classrooms are prepared, which when changed cause a ripple effect. Therefore, there will be no schedule changes once a request is in place, other than for the following exceptions:


Exceptions for Schedule Changes:

These exceptions may only take place within the allotted 1 week time frame at the beginning of school.

  • Lack of required courses needed for graduation
  • Student did not get first choice elective & there is room in that elective without an impact to the master schedule
  • Academically misplaced (for ex. student doesn’t have a prerequisite for a scheduled class)
  • Balancing classes to prevent overcrowding at the request of administration   


Level changes are ONLY made for academic purposes. The following list represents examples of reasons that are NOT considered acceptable for schedule changes:  

  • Student did not complete summer homework
  • Teacher preference
  • Off block preference
  • GPA may be impacted
  • Changed mind after the original deadline

Any changes made after the master schedule is created impacts the equitable distribution of class size and school resources.


Since class changes will not be made for the reasons listed above, students and parents should assess their abilities and goals and carefully request courses for each school year. Much effort is made by counselors and faculty to register students for the following years’ courses. Students should make special note of course level (Honors, AP), Career Pathways, graduation requirements (PE, Electives, Core, etc.), any requirements set forth by the NCAA Eligibility Center, registration deadlines, and what elective/alternate classes they choose.


Level Changes:

Level changes (i.e. General to Honors) must be requested within the first 7 days of school. These changes will only be considered at the recommendation of the teacher.

A completed Schedule Change form must be turned into the Counseling Office for processing. Please note that even if approved, the change will occur only if there is room available in the requested course. Level changes after the first week of school will be limited to cases with extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the administration. Grades earned in the initial course “follow” the student to the new course. If there is any question about the difficulty level of a particular course, teachers and counselors should be consulted prior to requesting the course.


Elective Course Changes:

Elective course changes can be requested and will be honored if there is space available without disrupting the rest of the student’s schedule or a negative impact on the master schedule.

Dropping a Class:

A class dropped after the first 2 weeks of the semester will not affect the GPA but will be documented on the transcript as Withdrawal Failing-W/F (even if the student is passing the course).  If the class is dropped after the 6 week grading period an F will be reflected on the permanent transcript and this will affect the GPA. Students must also maintain a minimum of 5 (1/2 credit) classes plus ACE all semester. All course drop forms must be approved by the guardian, teacher, administration, and finally the counselor.



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